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Salt Lake City, Utah

Utah Cuttslam chapter 1 - Yellowstone Country

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Utah Cuttslam chapter 1 - Yellowstone Country

An Dinh

The gravel road to the Raft River mountains is lonely in a wild West kind of way.  It stretches out into the horizon and seems endless.  The only other motor vehicles are tractors being driven by teenagers.  I was stuck in two traffic jams.  It was bumper to bumper as I inched my way through a herd of black angus.  Then I waited patiently until the family of ranchers with a half dozen kids mounted on horses waved me through their morning pow wow.  

Buck's Mercantile is the sole survivor of the town of Naf.  There are some great antique buildings on this block including an old social hall.  I bought a slice of pound cake and some gum.  I've found a lot of these mercantile stores in small towns in Utah have interesting interior appointments and odd's and ends that speak to what the locals seem to need. Buck's is pretty sparse but they kept the old counter and bar stools which are long gone in many other shops.

Don't miss the turn off for One Mile Creek the sign is pretty faded.

I'm not sure what I expected, but the actual One Mile creek was definitely not it.  They should call it One Foot creek.  Much of the creek is not much wider than a foot or two and it intermittently runs dirty when cattle cross up above you.

My best shots at fish were right at the National Forest entrance and at the top of the road just before it passed through a ranch gate.  Everywhere else was a disaster of tight brush, thick weeds, shallow water, and tiny spooky fish. 

Fishing One Mile was an exercise in frustration.  Something I don't usually associate with fly fishing.

Luckily, on the drive back you can hit Clear Creek where many eager rainbows and brookies will take your dries and the creek is as advertised - champagne clear.   There are supposed to be yellowstone cutties in clear creek also, but I only caught a few hybrids in the lower stream, rainbows in the middle and only brookies in the campground and above.

This area is big with ATVs and 4x4s.  An ATV would be a great way to rove around and check out other streams at the top of the range where the evergreens start to fill in.