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Salt Lake City, Utah

7 min 42 sec

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7 min 42 sec

An Dinh

I gave in.  I threw in the towel.  When I'm solo, it takes me only 15-18 minutes to pump up my 14 ft raft with the K-400 pump.  It is a very cool tool.  But in 90-100 degree heat in the direct sun, it became less of a work out and more of a death march.

I started looking for an electric pump to assist with inflation.  More beer and relaxin' and less huffin and pumpin.

Big Blower pump

Big Blower pump

The Big Blower is awesome and inflates a huge raft in minutes.  But at $300 it's an expensive paperweight when not in use, which will be most of the year.  Also it requires an outlet to work, so it's really for someone who has to inflate a bunch of rafts and then trailers the inflated rafts to the water.  This was out.

NRS Blast inflator

NRS Blast inflator

The Blast Inflator is only $120 but that is still too rick for me.  And it is another uni-tasker - a device that can only do one thing.  It would take me forever to get my money's worth.  And it requires hooking up to your car battery, which can be tough in some areas where it is not convenient to position the raft and car in an ideal proximity.

Jump Starter Inflator

Jump Starter Inflator

I tried repurposing my back up jumpstarter.  It costs around $130, but I already have one in the back of my truck for emergencies.  The inflator works for bike tires, car tires, and air mattresses.

Unfortunately, in the time it takes to inflate just one chamber of the raft to a soft squishy stage, I was able to hand pump the other chambers with the K400.

This was turning into a bigger headache than I thought. 

so I gave up...

I decided to clean out my garage and do some yard work.  I needed a leaf blower.  So I headed to the hardware store.

There was a RYOBI rep showing off their interchangeable system of 18 volt One+ power tools.  She showed me the leaf blower I needed and this...

Ryobi One+ Dual Inflator/Deflator

Ryobi One+ Dual Inflator/Deflator

At under $40 it promised to be a part of a great multi-tasker power tool system.   (Of course you need to buy a battery and charger or another tool that has one bundled with it)  I was worried it would be a low flow inflator like the jump starter, but it claimed to have a high flow setting.

I charged the battery and ran the pump.  

7 minutes and 42 seconds later I had a 14 foot raft completely inflated in my workshop!

It can't top the raft off.  You still need the KPUMP for high pressure. 


Can use batteries to power lots of other tools

Low cost for the inflator accessory

High flow inflates rafts and air mattresses rapidly

Battery powered so no need for cords or extensions. 

Inflator hose accepts adapters that fit my raft, probably most rafts


Short hose means you have to be right next to the inflator to support it.  A longer hose would be awesome, so I can do other things while the raft inflates. 

Battery pack for Ryobi One + system adds $50 to the total cost