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Salt Lake City, Utah

EP Dip Fly Tying Video

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EP Dip Fly Tying Video

An Dinh

Tying a Serendipity midge - EP Dip style.  This solves a few problems when tying an original recipe serendipity.  1) the original deer hair wing looks great but isn't durable.  So I replace it with EP fibers. 2) a tungsten bead adds weight to get it down fast.  and 3) a sloppy whip finish can be cured with a little head cement.

Fly Tying Recipe: EP Dip

Hook: Scud/pupa hook (my favorite Umpqua Tiemco TMC 2499Sp-Bl), size 18

Bead: Gold, 2mm (5/64 inch)

Thread/body:  Olive, Black, Brown or Red 8/0

Rib:  Copper wire, fine

Wingbud:  EP Fibers or Widow's Web