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Salt Lake City, Utah

EP BWO Cripple

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EP BWO Cripple

An Dinh

I started tying these cripple patterns using Enrico Puglisi fibers because I needed something that I could see  and that wouldn't sink after a few casts or after releasing a fish.  The EP fibers repel water and by pretreating them with gink style floatant they ride high for days.  The EP fibers come in all kinds of natural or hi-viz colors which keeps me tying endless versions for different conditions.

The original fly is tied with CDC.  I find that EP is much more durable and provides just as delicate of a presentation but has the advantage that you aren't limited to high priced silicone floatant.  CDC flies, no matter how well you manage and dry them, always, always sink.  Which means I have to spend time changing out flies and lose time fishing.

I like tying smaller flies like size 20 and 22 on a larger size 18 hook to increase hookups.  The fish don't seem to mind.

I like my wings a little on the bushy side because I can always trim it smaller if the trout get too picky.