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Eggs Over Easy

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Eggs Over Easy

An Dinh

Autumn is egg season.  Trout love 'em scrambled.  They aren't picky and will take a piece of yarn or mcfly foam strapped to a hook.

Antron egg with pink glass bead "yolk sac"

I figure if I'm gonna catch a fish on eggs it should be a cool egg.

The antron egg is only slightly more difficult to tie than a yarn egg.  With a bead in the center it really mimics an egg with an internal yolk especially when it is wet and the antron turns translucent.  The glass bead also helps it drop in the water column, whereas yarn eggs often need split shot. 

My new favorite egg is the UV Egg.  I use UV fly paint to make a small yolk and harden it with UV light.  Then I surround the yolk with clear Loon UV Thick resin.  It creates a custom glass-like bead.  The clear egg magnifies the yolk sac depending on the angle of the light.

If you don't have colored UV resin to make a yolk, you can make a small core of the clear stuff then paint it with a paint marker or sharpie.