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Salt Lake City, Utah

Family Fishing and introducing newbies to fly fishing

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Family Fishing and introducing newbies to fly fishing

An Dinh

I spent much of August entertaining family.  My wife's brother Toussaint and his son Sammy were visiting.  It was Sammy's first visit to the wild West.  So we wanted to wow him by going to Yellowstone National Park and Zion. 

We fished with a great guide from Blue Ribbon Flies.  I chose a Tenkara trip since neither Sammy nor Toussaint have ever swung a rod.

Even though it was summer, we ended up fishing on a cold rainy day and the bite was off.

We all caught a few fish.  And the guys had fun, but I could tell Sammy was really hankering to catch a few more fish and really feel like he was the one doing the catching.

To Be Continued...