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Salt Lake City, Utah

Classic Kebari fishing with really light lines

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Classic Kebari fishing with really light lines

An Dinh

Classic Tenkara - Kebari, Wet fly and Euro-Nymphing

I started fishing today with the goal of fishing classic Kebaris (Japanese style wet flies) with my Nissin Prospec 360 6:4 rod.  It really handles this setup well.  And even I can get some pinpoint accurate casts.

There are tons of great resources about this type of fishing.

Check out:

Tenkara Talk

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I know everyone has their take on their favorite way to fish with tenkara rods.  This is my take on fishing in this classic manner.


Can be fished many different ways - like a dry, emerger, deep, actively retrieved or dead drifted.  Casts very easily with a tenkara rod

Catch lots of fish

Easy to tie inexpensive flies


Not as visually stimulating

Favorite Rods

Oni Rod Type 1

Ayu (discontinued classic from Tenkara USA)

Nissin Prospec 360 6:4 or 7:3

Ito in the short 12 ft mode


Any light line from 2-4.5 level lines work great.  The lightest line you can cast is best.

Avoid furled lines and heavier Western leaders since they sag and drag, defeating the main advantage of keeping line off the water.


The other thing that deters me from fishing this way solely is that eventually I'll round a bend in the river like today and come across a pod of rising fish.  Since, my favorite thing is to catch fish on dries, I can't resist switching to a dry dropper rig (and yes, I'll use a kebari as my dropper).  Of course, I've caught plenty of fish in these situations on a Kebari, but I just love dropping a Caddis or Parachute into the zone and seeing fish hit it.