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Salt Lake City, Utah

Father's Day Fishing

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Father's Day Fishing

An Dinh

The last month has been a low point for fishing.  But on the upside I've been able to spend more time with family.  Jac reminded me that I hadn't posted footage from fishing on Father's day.  So here it is...

From June to July the fishing was terrific, I was really looking forward to fishing new places like Yellowstone and visiting some old favorites.

I've only had spotty luck fishing lately, getting numbers I can count on one hand.  And catching a lot of micro fish in the 4 inch or less club.  Some places that used to have good numbers of fish are barren.   Now,  I don't even spook a fish wading through these old haunts.  

So it's nice to look back at some of the great days on the water and know that there are still fish out there somewhere to be caught.