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Salt Lake City, Utah

Jac of All Trades

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Jac of All Trades

An Dinh

The first time I fished with Jac, he insisted on fishing a stretch of water that is often slogged by anglers but doesn't seem to consistently produce for most of them.  In fact, I had fished this section a few times and just gave it up as a fishless stretch.  Jac schooled me pretty good on that day.   He has a habit of walking up to the river and catching a fish on his first cast.  The worst is when this happens right after I've turned up zilch on the same water.  To makes things worse he has a habit of conjuring heavy fish up from the bottom as well.

My average fish from the Provo has gone up from  8-12 inchers on dries and droppers to regularly netting 16-20inch fish on nymphs fished deep.  And I mean deep.  Jac starts his leader at about 9 feet and may move the indicator closer to the flies in more shallow or slower water.

Jac of all trades. 

Where to begin...he's been a Captain in the Royal Dutch Air Force, has a degree in economics, managed a distillery and host of other businesses from tourism to fine furniture.

In 1971 Jac was on the road to the Pacific Northwest by car. 

"On my way through Montana I stopped in a Gibson hardware store and bought myself a white Shakespeare combination spin and fly rod, waders, vest, line and reel etc.  (Arriving at the) Umpqua river in Oregon I decided to give it a try.  My first fly-fishing experience!
After a while I kept seeing a big fish rolling in front of me, (was later told this was a Chinook salmon) had no idea what to do about it so kept casting and tangling up. There were also a lot of insects buzzing around which I of course took to be mosquitoes. In short, the only small fish I caught came up from the bottom at my feet while I was untangling and my fly hung over the water. "

"I traveled a lot for business over the years, some years in excess of 200 days, and when traveling within the US I often packed a small rod for when I could sneak out to do some opportunity fishing. Not always with great success because of time restraints and unknown water, but always fun and a great learning experience.
Never did much salt water fishing or lake fishing for that matter.

Streams are my favorite.  In these days, I exclusively fished dry flies."

"After that first Shakespeare rod, Fenwick became the rod of choice and then when their designer left for Sage their graphite rods became my favorites. I have built and bought many of their rods in line weights up to 12. The heavier weights from seven up I use for steelhead and salmon fishing. I also have a few Spey rods but since I prefer nymphing over swinging flies they do not get much use, although I use the lighter one for inland streams sometimes. Fun and far reaching!"

"Favorite Water: Streams

Love small streams in remote settings for dry fly fishing.

On larger streams such as the Provo or Weber or Madison I usually nymph fish, with the exception of streams such as the Henry's Fork or large spring creek's.

I don't streamer fish much unless it's from a drift boat into the bank which is a rare occasion. Nor do I use Wet flies much. I know I should change my attitude on this.  Similarly, I should use a dry fly and dropper more.  Every trip I plan to!

While nymph fishing I use a 2-fly on dropper bottom rig properly weighted to get down and adjust my weight often, with and without strike indicator. I fish barbless flies exclusively up to the smallest sizes.  I am not fond of bead-heads or otherwise weighted  flies. I clearly do not do much Czech nymphing.  Another attitude thing I do need to improve on!

Favorite streams:

Yellowstone waters
San Juan
Uinta streams

Trinity River

Salmon river below Stanley Idaho"

If you don't recognize Jac, then you may have spotted his German short hair companion, Tess.  She's a fine fishing dog with a lot of energy that is well suited to the off trail areas of the Middle Provo.

Jac vacuums the run methodically - save some for the rest of us!

Jac vacuums the run methodically - save some for the rest of us!