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Salt Lake City, Utah

Skwala Alley

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Skwala Alley

An Dinh

There is one stream that I know of that has Skwalas.  I never seem to catch the peak of the hatch.  I'm either too early or a little late. 

Looks like I'm a little early.  There were large stone fly nymphs active under the rocks, but I didn't see any adults nor their shed husks.

I generally don't get to fish with such big flies, but it was what the few browns that were willing to brave the cold snap wanted.  A big size 10 skwala nymph.

Some of the smaller fish were still willing to hit it, but the big hook really looked menacing in their jaws.

The Division of Wildlife Management posted a sign stating that the stream is out of balance with too many brown trout.  They were encouraging taking a limit of 4 brown trout to improve the numbers of bigger fish.  The last time I was on this stretch there were many trout in excess of 14 inches, but today I mostly saw fish below 10 inches long.