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Salt Lake City, Utah

Sick days...

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Sick days...

An Dinh

My daughter, Anju, woke up with a 102 degree fever.  Since she was going to stay home from preschool, I had to bag fishing in Southern Utah today.

The plan was to have lunch with the family at Uptown Fare in Park City and then hit the middle Provo for a little bit.  Anju's idea to go fishing + sanctioned by the wife. 

For some reason I got it in my head that I'd take my wife and kids on a tour of the  little towns around the base of the Uintas - Oakley, Peoa, Kamas.  Then we could check out the stream at the top of Weber canyon instead of going to Heber.  The stream above the Smith-Morehouse reservoir is pretty chill and would be better fishing with young kids.  And it's prettier than the Middle Provo.

There was very little snow on the way up and all the lower reservoirs on the way up from SLC are ice free - it was 70s until we hit the top of the canyon.   The Weber was running low and clear but at the top,  Smith Morehouse was iced over, and there were melty snowdrifts still on the dirt road.

My wife, hates - hates, bumpy 4x4 tracks and the Subaru Tribeca was admittedly not loving the icy and muddy ruts.  So I tried to dodge the next set of ruts, but ended up fish tailing and high centering the Subaru on an iceberg of a snow drift.

My Honda would have made it up the last 1/4 mile for sure, especially now with it's upgraded all terrain tires and lifted suspension.

I keep gear like shovels and battery packs and other emergency supplies in the back of the Honda, but my wife only packs a stroller in the back of the subaru.   I used my Orvis rod tube to dig out the tires and push the car back onto the firm ground. 

Anju was pretty disappointed that we didn't go fishing.  It was an uncomfortable ride home for everyone.  My wife insisted on driving, Anju started to get delirious with fevers and frustration and not wanting to strapped into her booster any longer.  And our 2 month old, Taavi, needed to eat again.

So we stopped at a park on the way home to let everyone air out.

At least my fishing gear got some use today... I got to wear my fishing hat and at least hold my rod tube in my hand, even if it was to tame snow instead of stream.