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Salt Lake City, Utah

Urban Fishing - A Room with a View

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Urban Fishing - A Room with a View

An Dinh

If you get a north facing room in this Marriott hotel you'll have view of tiny little creek tumbling out of the foothills toward Salt Lake City.   It's so tiny that Lance and I barely fit.  It's pretty overgrown in areas such that you have to climb out and bushwhack until you can find a deer trail leading back to the stream.

Lance sets up for some Robin Hood action...


We each caught a few cutthroat.  They are super spooky and a little shy given that it's still Winter.

We both fished our 9 foot Soyokazes.  These are fine instruments for tight quarters.  Despite all the bush whacking and snags the magic fishing wands survived just fine until we were hiking up a steep bank to exit the stream and the tip of rod got hung up on Lance's backpack.


It was too late, the tip folded and splintered

We hustled back home and I sent an e-mail to Chris from Tenkarabum requesting a replacement tip.

Soyokaze saved!

Thanks Chris.