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DIY Wader Bag - Feel like a Taco or Feeling Frakta?  Frak yeah!

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DIY Wader Bag - Feel like a Taco or Feeling Frakta? Frak yeah!

An Dinh

I've thought about getting the slick Simms Headwaters Taco Bag for stowing wet waders and boots.  Lance received one as a present from his family and it's pretty cool.   It opens up into a 40" circle to use as a platform for getting into waders and boots without getting gravel or thorns in your neoprene and when you are finished fishing it zips up into a nice taco shape or wedge to carry your wet gear.  Great design, but it costs $39.95.

Unless I also get one as a gift I probably won't be this classy any time soon. 

Here is my cheapskate version of a wader and boot bag...

The 99 cent Ikea Blue Shopping bag is listed as the Frakta in their catalog and stores.  At 1/40th the cost of the Simms Taco bag I get to carry a load of gear and keep my fishing car organized and mud free.  It's described by the Swedes as easy to clean, just rinse and dry and it folds flat for easy storage.  That's exactly what I need in a wader bag. 


Length: 21 ¾ "
Depth: 14 ½ "
Height: 13 ¾ "
Max. load: 55 lb
Volume: 19 gallon

It holds a similar amount of gear and probably a little more.  It's 100% polypropylene and if it wears out it's recyclable.