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Salt Lake City, Utah

JD's Leader for CDC flies

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JD's Leader for CDC flies

An Dinh

JD made a comment on my post lamenting CDC flies being hard to cast with a light tenkara line.  His solution was to build a mini leader to help turn over the fly.

His formula is:

3ft 3x or 4x tippet + 6 inches of 5x or smaller tippet

I used his formula last Sunday and was able to cast small CDC flies like the smoke jumper in size 18-20 with no problem.

When I went to a puffier fly in the size 14 range or with more CDC, it still took some adjustment to my casting stroke to get it to land on target.   I was fishing 6x on the terminal end.  So maybe 5x would have worked better for the puffier flies.  It was bitterly cold and I hadn't pre-rigged anything, sojust building the leader with frozen fingers was all I could muster.

Sadly, no fish were rising despite some midge activity and the small CDC flies don't really support a heavy nymph.   So I had to switch to a nymph rig(rainbow warrior + EP Dip) using a New Zealand yarn indicator to finally hook and land a handful of winter browns.