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Salt Lake City, Utah

Boat People Part 1 - Jump In!

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Boat People Part 1 - Jump In!

An Dinh

So here is what I got in the mail for my birthday...

Hooray!  The next evolution in fly fishing - fishing from a boat.  In this case a 14 foot raft with an sturdy inflated floor that an angler can stand on and cast to the banks or rising fish.

Proof of Concept

Our inaugural float was on Little Dell Reservoir - we had cold beer in the cooler and some fish on the line.  It was a successful float. 

1 - It fits in the back of my Honda Pilot

2 - The K-Pump 400 can inflate it in 15 min by hand.  No need for an electric pump.

3 - Setup without a frame is simple and you get on the water fast.

4 - It is stable enough to stand up and fish - really stable.

5 - Deflating and packing up the raft is faster than setup (for some reason).

Lessons Learned

1 - I suck at rowing - need more practice

2 - Position of the rowers seat needs to be further back from the oars

3 - Oars in the frameless configuration are too low for anything other than light rowing like on a stillwater or slow backwater.

4 - Inflated the raft is just barely luggable by 2 people, 3 or more would be better for a long portage.  It can be dragged or re-positioned on land by 1 person.

5 - We need an anchor system.

6 - We need a Yeti.  A bigger cooler for more beer.