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Fly Tying - Evo Ant

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Fly Tying - Evo Ant

An Dinh

(Evolution Nymph Head Tungsten Bead Ant Pattern)

I am an unabashed ant enthusiast.  Since ants of one species or another can be found on every continent but Antarctica you can bet a trout has dined on these industrious terrestrials.  I like that I can fish them year round and during the lulls in the day when there aren't any bugs hatching. 

Basically if it is sunny outside there is probably some ant activity happening streamside.

I usually tie on a parachute style ant with a kebari ant dropper.  But I've been looking for something weighted similar to the rainbow warriors that we use to vacuum fish out of pocket water.

The new Nymph Head Evolution Tungsten Bead Heads are pretty cool looking.  They are tungsten beads molded to look like the heads of caddis, mayfly swimmers and mayfly crawlers, and stoneflies.   The extra small caddis bead makes a cool looking ant head.  Here I use red loon paint to make an instant butt out of UV resin.  (Ideally I would have an red bead head and a black butt to exactly imitate the ant, but the fish haven't noticed.)


1 - These premium beads are more expensive that regular tungsten beads (which are already not cheap).

2 - Even with the extra small bead - they are too heavy and dense for the smaller streams I like to fish, so I have to reserve these beauties for water deeper than 4ft.