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Salt Lake City, Utah

Boat People Part 2 - Ashton to Chester Float

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Boat People Part 2 - Ashton to Chester Float

An Dinh

Round 2 of our rafting adventures was to actually float a river and fish.  My wife made me promise to do as safe of a float as possible.  She gave me three ultimatums:

1 - Fish with a Buddy - Lance answered the call.  Thank the Lord!

2 - Phone home - Many places I fish have no cell service.  The Green - dead zone.  Uintas cut off above the biker bar.  But Idaho has cell service continuously from Salt Lake and all along the river.

3 - Be home by dinner - We left at 6am, arrived at the fly shop by 10 and made it home around 8pm.


Lessons Learned

1 - I really suck at rowing.  I'm gonna need more practice and some expert advice while at the oars.

2 - We need a frame.  If we want to float a river like the Green we will need better oars, oarlocks, and an anchor.  Our two piece oars bend too much when rowing hard against a current.

3 - I really like this section of water - it will make a good training ground and since it's new to me it's worth the long drive.

4 - We need an anchor.  The way this river is fished is unusual.  Folks float to a honey hole and anchor up in position mid river to fish it.  The flow is chill which makes this possible.  We didn't have an anchor so we did"drive by casting" (passing up lots of good water) and would pull over the bank and wade.

3 - We really need a Yeti - More cold beer and a more stable seat for the rower if using the raft without a frame.