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Salt Lake City, Utah

Marathon Fishing Weekend Part 4 - Parts Unknown

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Marathon Fishing Weekend Part 4 - Parts Unknown

An Dinh

I dropped Lance off at home and had just enough time to stop at home, shower, do laundry and sleep before meeting my other fishing buddy, Ben for another leg of the Marathon Fishing Weekend.

Since the Great Basin was a bust, we decided to head to Southern Utah and see if one of my favorite streams was through with high water.  Ben has never fished this stream and I knew it to be good if you fished the right stretch.   There are plenty of 14 inchers in this stream along about a 1 mile stretch then there are big patches of empty water before it picks up again.  Below the stretch we were going to fish, it is a lot like the Great Basin water - tight with snags and maybe a few small trout.  Which always makes me wonder if a little more exploring would yield at least a few good sections in the Nevada water.  I'd save checking out Lamoille creek for another weekend since Ben wasn't up for a gambling trip, much preferring a sure thing.

We stopped for gas along the way and spotted these exotic animals.

When we arrived at my favorite Southern Utah stream we found crystal clear water and all kinds of bugs - mayflies, caddis, stoneflies, beetles.  A smorgasbord for trout.  So we got to fish anything we wanted. 

I pulled out my lonely hearts fly box  - filled with flies that had never been kissed by fish lips.  It was eHarmony for flies that day as they all found a nice match - usually in the 12-14 inch range. Though there are some bigger fish in the stream, we only came across one 17 incher that Ben picked up by drifting a big stonefly tight to a big logjam.

Marathon weekend addendum...

I couldn't believe that all the water in the Great Basin was just OK.

My wife needed to do some nursing work in Elko and so we took our daughter with us so I could check out Lamoille creek while my wife learned about telemedicine in rural VA clinics.

Lamoille is a gem.  Gorgeous multicolored cobblestones and pristine water.  The canyon is full of picnickers and campers but at least on a Tuesday there were no fisherman.  Most of the fish I caught were under 10 inches but there were tiger trout, rainbows and brookies to be had.

Here is some footage of me and my daughter Anju fishing Lamoille.