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Salt Lake City, Utah

Marathon Fishing Weekend Part 3 - No Place Like Home

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Marathon Fishing Weekend Part 3 - No Place Like Home

An Dinh

To refresh your memory...

Great Basin exploratory mission results:

Cleve Creek - good, but not great.

Strawberry Creek - tiny, brushy - tiny fish

Baker Creek - bigger, brushy, tiny fish

hustle home

Snake Creek - sucked


So Lance and I packed up the mobile exploratory vehicle and headed back to Salt Lake.




On the way back we hit the Diamond Fork area and found a small tributary stream that had some great fishing.  There are plenty of feisty smaller trout and a few spooky bigger trout in the 14-15 inch range.

The morning jumped into high gear when we came across a Trico hatch.  I'd never really fished Tricos before.  Mainly just read about them.  Tiny size 20 parachutes did the trick on the bigger fish.

trico hatch

As we got close to Lance's home, we still had a few hours before our wives really expected us back so we detoured up the canyon to fish one of Salt Lake's Magnificent Seven Streams - Big Cottonwood Canyon.  At the first pullout along the canyon road we found some good water and were into fish on our first casts.

A more refined angler might argue that our streams close to home are too easy, or for a lazy fisherman but it's tough for me to have rareified discussions about the sport while I'm knee deep in pocketwater catching wild trout on top.

It felt great to be back home.