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Salt Lake City, Utah

Days of '47 in Little Cottonwood Canyon

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Days of '47 in Little Cottonwood Canyon

An Dinh

To mark the arrival of Mormon Pioneers in Utah we celebrate every July 24th.  Visitors are often surprised that the parade (3rd largest in the US), gatherings and fireworks are a bigger deal than the 4th of July everywhere else in the nation.

Once I figured out how to circumnavigate the runners in the 5K and the floats, marching bands, wagons, hand carts, motorcycle cops, stilt walkers and parade goers, I met up with Lance and his brother Luke, who was visiting from Cincinatti.

We hit one of their old haunts.  Little Cottonwood Canyon.

Though it is hot enough to wet wade today, the rough trail down steep terrain with overgrown pines and huge granite boulders made waders welcome protection against scrapes.

As usual, Lance made it look easy, catching fish on his first cast.

Luke also caught his first Tenkara fish, but he's slowly weaning off the rod and reel.

And, of course, there were long stretches of no fish usually when the camera was pointed at me.  But I did manage to haul in a few while the camera was rolling.