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Salt Lake City, Utah

Roadtrip - Exploring Southern Utah

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Roadtrip - Exploring Southern Utah

An Dinh

I said my good byes to my wife and daughter in Las Vegas this Saturday.  They were continuing on to LA to visit friends and I was heading back to Salt Lake for work.  There are 423 miles between Vegas and my home.  My wife was grateful to have me drive them at least part of the way once I got off work on Saturday.  

Her gratitude came in the form of her blessing to fish my way back home.  Since I didn't have to work until Tuesday, I would have under 48 hours to cover 423 miles and a bunch of new water.

Northern Utah is still high and muddy from run off.  My theory was that Southern Utah would clear up sooner, hopefully this weekend.


Catching trout surrounded by red rock is a surreal treat.  Unfortunately the lower end of Leeds was low.  So no run off, but no flow either.  The pool was full of crawdads but no trout.

My buddy, Lance, says that there is water higher up, but I was in a rental and didn't dare slog up an unknown dirt road.

BEAVER RIVER - below Minersville

Also low and slow.  This time there are fish, but they are 4 inches or just fry.

So I head up the Beaver Canyon along route 153.


BEAVER RIVER - Headwaters

In the lower part of the canyon there is brisk pocket water - a little cloudy, but fishable.  I pull out a few more fine browns in the slack water near the banks.  Heavy nymphs like the size 14 Higa's SOS did the trick.

I was losing a ton of flies to snags in the high water and because I needed to hug the banks with my cast.  One the fly to fish ratio started to approach double digits I figured it was time to move higher up and see if I could find clear water.

The top of Beaver canyon was much more mellow. 

I drove up and over the mountain and found a nice piece of water that was running clear and full of fish.

I fish from 9am to 3pm, catch more fish that I can count, have a quick streamside lunch and haul ass back to Salt Lake to sleep in my own bed.

I started out fishing my 3 wt Bamboo ro

I switch to the Soyokaze for some better control of bigger fish.