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Salt Lake City, Utah

Bud's Fly #2 - Caddis Kebari

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Bud's Fly #2 - Caddis Kebari

An Dinh

Here are a couple of caddis kebari that I tied with some materials from Bud's collection.

Now that caddis are popping all over Utah, the fish are really keyed in on this fly.  It works well as either a caddis larva or pupa.  Since the hackle tends to pulse backward over the body, I pretty sure it gives the veiled appearance of an air bubble of an emerging caddis pupa.  I like to cast if upstream and let it drink past me (dead drift or pulsing) and then let is swing below me and rise up.

Hook:  Nymph hook size 14-18

Thread: 8/0 Black

Body:  Quill body from a Peacock herl dyed light olive with herl removed (I colored one dark green with a permanent marker)  Coat the body with UV Clear Cure Goo Fly Finish.

Hackle: 2-3 turns of a soft hackle feather (in these variations I used a Mallard flank feather and the fur from a Wolf tail)

Collar: 3-4 turns of CDC - whatever color feels right

Head: Black tungsten bead (the heads on the caddis in Utah are usually dark)

Adhesive:  Clear cure goo UV resin