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Salt Lake City, Utah

Bud's fly #6 - Attractors

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Bud's fly #6 - Attractors

An Dinh

I fish mostly small mountain streams during the summer which means attractors work well any time.  Probably the biggest decision I have to make is how large of a fly can I get away with and can I see the fly.  The hackle collar and the elk hair keep this fly floating.  The quill body rides lower in the film.

My vision did get a little worse this season and I have to say, the darker colored hackle in this size 16 fly made it a little hard to spot at a distance, the lighter elk hair helped.  It caught plenty of fish.  In the future, I'll probably tie it with the lightest color elk hair or deer hair I can find and a few turns of a white hackle feather up front.

Hook:  Dry fly hook size 14-16

Thread: 8/0 Olive Green

Tail: Moose mane

Body:  Quill from peacock dyed light olive, herl removed with an eraser

Wing - Elk Hair

Hackle: 5 turns of orange grizzly hackle, trimmed flat on bottom