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Salt Lake City, Utah

Bud's fly #5 - TURKEY Pheasant tail

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Bud's fly #5 - TURKEY Pheasant tail

An Dinh

Bud used a lot of turkey feathers.  I took one of the nicer grey feathers and tied a peasant tail but with the turkey instead.  I'm sure it will seduce many a fish to my line.  Just look at it up close.  It looks plenty buggy.

Hook:  Nymph hook size 14-20

Thread: 8/0 Black

Body:  4-6 fibers of a Turkey feather

Ribbing - small wire copper or silver counter wrapped

Thorax - hares ear dubbing or a small tungsten bead - I prefer the bead to help get it down fast

Hackle: 2-3 turns of a soft hackle feather

Wing case: 6 fibers from a Turkey feather