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Salt Lake City, Utah

Bud's Fly #4 - RS2

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Bud's Fly #4 - RS2

An Dinh

Bud had a lucky rabbit's foot in a box.  So I chomped some off and paired it with a quill body from a yellow saddle hackle to make this tiny RS2 fly.

People swear by the RS2 and although I haven't had much luck with it.  I'm sure it will come in handy.

If you have a favorite way to fish it and when to fish it.  Let me know and I will give it a try.  I fished during a trico hatch this weekend and a black bodied RS2 would have killed.


Hook:  Nymph hook size 18-24

Thread: 8/0 Black or olive

Tail: 2 microfibbets

Body:  quill from a saddle hackle - color of choice

Thorax - olive or grey superfine dry fly dubbing

Wing: small clump of snowshoe rabbit's foot taken from the heel