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Salt Lake City, Utah

Bud's Vintage Fly Tying Collection

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Bud's Vintage Fly Tying Collection

An Dinh

My day job is Family Medicine.  It's something I've thoroughly enjoyed doing for more than 12 years.  I can generally tie a few flies in between patients and I have at least one day a week to go fishing.  Some patients have noticed the fishing themed artwork in my clinic and a few have either found fly tying materials on me or caught me in the middle of finishing a fly.

Some of the old timers like to share their favorite techniques and trade secret fishing holes with me.  This week one of my patients wanted to know if I had any use for some of his father's vintage fly tying materials.  His father, Bud, was an avid flytyer and they used to fish small streams before he died many years ago.  Boxes of his materials remained in storage and the family had decided to get rid of them.

Here is what I found in my office from Bud's collection:

I'm overwhelmed with all the fun stuff I have to play with.

To be honest, I already have way too much fly tying stuff.



There are definitely some things that I have no idea what it is or what animal it came from or how to use it to catch fish. 

Somewhere in here is fur from the tail of a wolf and I was told it's  great for hackle. 

My goal is to work my way through all the materials and make a fly that incorporates something from Bud's collection.

I hope to catch many fish with my line up of Bud's All-American flies. 

I'll post some of the flies of tied and some of Bud's original flies when I get a chance.