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Salt Lake City, Utah

Urban Fishing - Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah in April

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Urban Fishing - Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah in April

An Dinh

Big Cottonwood canyon is best known for being the home of great skiing.  Solitude and Brighton ski resorts are perched high up in the canyon carved by ancient glaciers.

What's left behind is a tumbling, energetic freestone that is close enough to my work that I can fish during my lunch break in the slower Summer months.

Stalking a fine stretch of pocket water in Big Cottonwood Canyon

Stalking a fine stretch of pocket water in Big Cottonwood Canyon

Or like today, if you only have a few hours you can be up the canyon in about 20 min from anywhere in Salt Lake and catch a few feisty trout.

MENU - Tops and Bottoms:  Big dries on top size 16-12 will draws strikes but smaller fish might miss the hook on flies >  size 14.  The rest will take a heavy weighted nymph - size 18-12, something that hits bottom quick but doesn't hang up every cast.

CONDITIONS - Crystal clear water, freezing cold water, shin to thigh deep, with occasional rain and snow.  Fish were on either side of the main current, or tucked deep under a drop off, or ambushing right at the tail of the pool before the next drop off.

RISKS - Lots of overhanging branches to snag flies.  Very slippery wet boulders.  Powerful current.  Deep holes and loose river rocks.  This is one of the few streams where I MUST use a wading staff and aluminum studs/barred soles on my wading boots.


Wild Rainbows and Browns mostly

Size - 6-12 inches with most less than 10 inches, but often with thick shoulders from swimming in the brisk current.

As usual, the camera loves to catch Lance hoisting in fish after fish, but as soon as I'm on camera nothing, until we turn the camera off.  Then I catch plenty of fish.

Just look...

Here is a video of a gorgeous pool with a few good fish in it for both of us.