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Salt Lake City, Utah

We are gonna need a bigger net!

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We are gonna need a bigger net!

An Dinh

It was a hoot to watch Lance land this big rainbow.

The fish also let us get some great underwater shots of him as well.

Even though the Soyokaze 27SR is a small rod at 9 feet, it handled fish up to 18 inches.  Every fish, even smaller ones, take you for a great ride on this rod.  It is one of the joys of tenkara fishing that everyone should experience once in their life.

Special thanks to Chris, the Tenkarabum, for putting together a Soyokaze for Lance.  The Soyokaze is a collector's item for sure.  It feels like a kid's magic wand.

Now Lance won't need to borrow my rod when the tree canopy starts to crowd us and steal our fly rigs.