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Salt Lake City, Utah

Urban Fishing - Park City, Utah

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Urban Fishing - Park City, Utah

An Dinh

Urban fisheries like this one can be great fun but there are trade offs with stalking city dwelling fish over those in Blue Ribbon waters like the Middle Provo.


1 - Less competition from other Anglers (this day we saw no other fisherman on our stream)                                    

2 - Eager fish that haven't seen many flies.  While trout on our blue ribbon stream are snubbing anything bigger than a size 24 midge, these trout would take a size 16 dry.                                                                    

3 - Reconnect with nature close to home.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

4 - Close to Amenities - we were able to grab a burrito at lunch, the car was never too far away to run back and switch out gear, there were even two fly shops near by.

5 - Learn how to be a better fly fisherman.  Perfect your bow and arrow cast, high-sticking, reach casts, crouch down and get stealthy, clean up any trash you find.


1 - More competition from Dogs (off leash), Runners, Bicyclists, Cars or busy roads near by, Buildings or homes near by.

2 - Difficult fishing due to snags, low canopy or willows tight to the riverbanks.  Which is probably why the fish are naive to our flies.  Bring lots of expendable flies and patience.                                                             

3 - Reminders of City life are everywhere - litter, graffiti, midstream tires and rusted metal objects, dog poop, concrete or unnatural stream bed sections, man made pools and waterfalls.

4 - Urban streams can cross private property or get diverted down to trickles to become artificial canals and ditches devoid of life.           

5 - It is hard on the knees, waders, and other gear.

Lance has skills...he stalks his prey like a panther.

A fishing panther.