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Streamside - Middle Provo 2-25-14

An Dinh

The good news is there is dry fly activity with lots of fish rising from 830-Noon.   There are little midges on the surface.

The bad news is this is mostly on the slower pool sections so there are other fisherman.

When I arrived at the diversion there were 2 other cars and two other fisherman.  Though there were tons of fish rising no one was hooking up. 

I started testing the parasol flies I tied.  No love.  And half the time they floated tilted with the fly/hook stuck in the film.  I might need more weight on the fly to make sure just the parachute portion is above water. 

I had a few good drifts over fish.  They would a tiny #24 midge pupa and the tiny Phil Bare style dry of just hackle on a hook.

The tiny flies meant I pulled the hook out if their mouths often. 

There was also just enough of a breeze to make casting tiny flies on 6x a pain. 

I fished streamers in the early morning with no hits.  Water level is very low on the Weber.

I was only able to fish from 9-11.  But it would have been a nice day to stick around longer.