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Salt Lake City, Utah

Streamside - river conditions for February 16, 2014

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Streamside - river conditions for February 16, 2014

An Dinh

This Sunday's streamside river conditions

Overall Rating - Blew chunks

Parking Lot on Middle Provo below River Road

Parking Lot on Middle Provo below River Road

1 - Oasis - Not Paradise. 

I give it 5 beer cans (gas station beer) - lots of trash at the parking lot and streamside.

And some grumpy locals wearing neoprene waders slogging the same holes. 

Water levels continue to be super low at 60-70 CFS.  Historical mean levels are closer to 90 CFS.  I don't think this is fishable below 90 CFS if you want to have a good time.

Wind was gusting up to 15mph - painful.

2 - Strawberry Reservoir -  is frozen and the road that leads to Soldier Creek Dam is snowed in and closed

3 - Middle Provo - It was raining, sleeting, snowing and windy and there were still a ton of people on every good hole.

I give it 5 SUVs - because there were a minimum of 5 SUVs at the diversion area and more at Lunker and elsewhere.  There were even multiple vehicles at spots that have no fish right now like beside the highway.

4 - Weber - No Luv

I give it 2 swim baits and a meal worm

2 out of 3 spots had bait fisherman on them.

On the plus side there was no ice.  I did get one follow by a nice rainbow just below the dam, but honestly flows are very low here and so there isn't much to fish.