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Winter Reading

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Winter Reading

An Dinh

I finally did it!  I finished reading all of John Gierach's books starting with Trout Bum and ending with his latest book All Fisherman are Liars!



Trout Bum

The View from Rat Lake

Sex, Death and Fly-Fishing

Where the Trout are All as Long as Your Leg

Even Brook Trout get the Blues

Dances with Trout

Standing in a River Waving a Stick

Death, Taxes and Leaky Waders

At the Grave of the Unknown Fisherman

Still Life with Brook Trout

Fool's Paradise

Another Lousy Day in Paradise

No Shortage of Good Days

All Fisherman are Liars

I'm not the fastest reader, so I wasn't sure I'd get through them all this year.  Yes, it took me the entire year of 2014 to read them all.  Not because they aren't page turners.  They're great reads.  Most chapters are short essays some of which were magazine articles for publications like Fly Rod and Reel.  Part of the problem is that Gierach is so prolific it's a challenge to keep up with him.  I intended to read them in the order they were written, but finally had to break down when he released All Fisherman are Liars.  His latest work does make you wonder if all the 20 inch trout that he writes about catching in Colorado are really that big or if this is literary license.  But since Gierach is a self professed small stream fanatic you have to assume that at least half of it is true.

There were a few times when I came across a chapter that I'd already read in a magazine.

John Gierach is a wonderful author and his articles are fine reads.  Much of outdoor writing is a little flimsy and sometimes cliche'.  Some stories can be hard to get through after you've read the same opening description of a riparian landscape at sunrise.  Gierach is quick to get to the fishing and the important stuff that happens around the fishing.  His stories are well crafted and while they are based on actual events it isn't just a blow by blow recap of his last fishing trip.  There is usually a theme and some self discovery in each little adventure.

Most importantly these books make me want to go fishing and try fishing in places that I would never have considered before.

I now want to take a float plane to Labrador and catch blue gills and bass from float tubes.