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Salt Lake City, Utah

Crouching Tiger Hidden Peacock

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Crouching Tiger Hidden Peacock

An Dinh

Ben Peacock is a good fisherman and a new father.  Since Emmett came along Ben's fishing days downsized.  My excursions also dropped from 3 days a week to just 1 day a week after I had my daughter, Anju.  Yes, I know, I have nothing to complain about.  

This was the first day that Ben was able to fish this season.  Either his better half, Lauren, felt sorry for him or just needed him out of her hair for a day. 

When your time on the water is limited you want a sure thing, so we drove a few hours to a nice cutthroat stream.  We fished a great run that I know holds tons of fish.  But we didn't catch anything through much of the run. 

Was Ben rusty after having a season off?

He was casting to all the right spots, but the fish were tight lipped.  I sat on the bank to rest and rehydrate while Ben changed his rig.  His shadow cast across stream to the far side of the bank with the sun behind him.  Ben is tall.  I'm more altitude-inally challenged.

Ben - a tall drink of water.

Ben - a tall drink of water.

Ben standing tall-2.jpg

Cheesus!  Add a 13 foot stick to his extended arm and you have a 20 foot fish scaring machine.

Ben's new rig did the trick at the end of the run.  A longer rod and a much longer line yielded this nice Bonneville cutthroat.

But there had to be a better strategy.  Longer lines are harder to cast in the wind and  on some streams you can't get away with long rods and long lines because of the low ceiling created by overhanging branches.

CROUCHING TIGER                                                      HIDDEN PEACOCK

We fished another gem of a stream but because of limited room for back casts and height restrictions we had to crouch, crawl and kneel in the creek to fish.  It worked!

Ben became a fish catching machine.