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Salt Lake City, Utah

Northern Uintas - mission complete...

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Northern Uintas - mission complete...

An Dinh

As I've mentioned before in the blog Fly Fishing Utah is a great book.  It has just the money streams in Utah so that you don't waste time fishing marginal water.  Schmidt, one of the owners of Western Rivers Flyfisher, wrote the book, so you know it's legit.  I was surprised at how many of these streams other anglers have missed out on.  Some of the more remote streams I've fished without seeing another angler.    It's taken me the better part of  three years to work my way through this book.   The Northern Uinta streams were my last unexplored waters highlighted in this book.  There are so many tributaries along the North slope it would take a lifetime to explore and you'd still just scratch the surface.

On this trip, we  drove Ben's 4x4 truck across a rocky fire road that fords most of the major drainages.  We mostly caught brookies...

From West to East

Bear River

Mill Creek

Blacks Fork

Smith's Fork

Ben scouted the two farthest streams...

Ben scouted the two farthest streams...

There are many picturesque areas on this side of the Uintas.  This  side seems less steep than the Southern Uintas.  On the whole, I would say I prefer the Southern side of the Uintas - there are fewer people, ATVs, campers overall.

Uinta tips:

1 - Bright Sunny Days and Warm Days fish best in the upper elevation streams.

2 - If it's rained the night before - fish somewhere else.  Even if the stream is clear, the fish seem less active.

3 - Always start with a dry dropper rig rather than just a dry fly.   Even the though the fish aren't picky about pattern, they sometimes are moody about taking bugs on top.

The rig:  a size 16 dry fly and a size 16-20 weighted tungsten head nymph about 18-24 inches off the hook bend works great while searching for trout.  You can always clip off the nymph if the fish are always hitting the dry.   But I find that some days a good portion of fish will take the nymph.