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On the Road...Best Podcasts

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On the Road...Best Podcasts

An Dinh

Skipping to the river

I often take long road trips to get to the best fishing.  Non-anglers don't understand why I would drive 4 hours for "a few hours of fishing".  I let them know that I'm no slacker and fish for 6-8 hours.  Luckily, most road trips are shorter than that.  I have good fishing within minutes of home if I wanted.  The Middle Provo is just 30 minutes away. 

But I like to make fishing an adventure, which takes me to far out places.

Unless you like country music, AM radio, or static, you will need to bring something to entertain, keep you alert, or get the juices flowing.

Here are my favorite PODCASTs to listen to on the way to the river and sometimes while I'm fishing.

  1. The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast with Tom Rosenbauer - I have to admit that when I first listened to this podcast, as a total newbie to the sport, much of it was OVER MY HEAD!  The lingo takes some time to ingest especially when there are no images to match to the lingo.   It is a favorite to listen to on the way to the river.  They have a ton of old podcasts you can download and that should cover you for many trips.  Unless you listen to all of them like I did.
    • NOVICE TIP - Check out the Orvis Fly Fishing Learning Center this site has video content and articles that will get you up to speed and enjoying Tom's wit and advice.
  2. The Itinerant Angler Podcast - These are shorter podcasts with interviews with major figures in fly fishing.  There was even a podcast on how goretex works which I had to relisten to and which helped me decide to buy nicer waders made of goretex rather than waders coated with a waterproofing spray.

  3. Radiolab - Yes this is non-fishing, but super educational, inspiring, creative.  Jad Abumrod won the Macarthur Genius Award for his work on this program.  It's great stuff.  And yes - I have listened to all of them.  If you don't love this program your childhood curiosity has perished.
  4. This American Life -  another non-fishing podcast that will make you laugh and cry - which is a lot like fishing.  I went to college  in Chicago where the program is produced so many college friends have gone on to contribute to the program like Tami Sagher and one of the producers Sara Koenig.  If you don't love this program you have no soul. 
  5. The Thrilling Adventure Hour - this is a comedy radio show in the style of old time radio.  It features much of the best voice talent in LA doing a host of crazy characters.  You have to give it a try and start from the the 1st episode or it won't make any sense. 
  6. Marketplace Money - When you spend as much time and money on fishing equipment you will definitely need some financial planning help.
  7. WTF with Mark Maron - he is edgy - which means he uses 4 letter words a lot.  It is not for everyone but if you give it a chance you will find that somehow Maron manages to break down his guests defenses and really gets them to talk about their lives as if you are evesdropping on two close friends chewing the fat.   And he interviews just about anybody famous in TV, movies, music and comedy.  The untold dark side of the entertainment industry is revealed.  It will make you happier that you are a fisherman.
  8. Planet Money - when the financial crisis hit in 2008, I really wanted to understand better what the HELL was going on.  This podcast explains economics and delved into the nitty gritty the American meltdown.

What are your favorite podcasts?  How do you pass the time when on the road to the river?