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Salt Lake City, Utah

The Gift of Fly Fishing

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The Gift of Fly Fishing

An Dinh

My wife, Tamiyah, gave me the gift of fly fishing when she signed me up for a free introductory workshop at our local fly shop, Western Rivers Fly Fisher.  Now with me on the water every Sunday, she is probably cursing that day.  To make matters worse, I've converted our 2 year old, Anju.  She regularly asks me to take her fishing.  With snow on the ground and sub 20 degree weather, the only place where a kid can comfortably catch a fish is under the Christmas Tree.

Here is a video of my toy making.




How to make a toy tenkara rod and fishing game for Christmas, birthdays, or just because.


Rod - 1/4 inch wooden dowel painted to look like the rod of your choice.

Line - #4.5 orange fluorocarbon - heavier lines are easier for kids to "cast", cut to 1/2 rod length for young kids < 5 and about rod length for kids >5

Hook - Attach a magnet to the end of the line for kids < 5, a strong magnet can pick up the toy by contacting the metal skeleton.  Or attach a paperclip dressed like your favorite Kebari for older kids that want to cast to the fish.


Tail - Marabou

Skeleton - size 20mm + 25mm + 30mm articulated shanks daisy chained

Body - Orvis CCT Body Fur - goes on much faster than stacking a wool body

Legs - Pipe cleaners - large and fuzzy in your preferred color.

Collar - EP Foxy Brush

Head - Fish Helmet Size 10

Eyes - Google eyes from the craft store.