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Salt Lake City, Utah

Pocket Water

Fly Fishing and Tenkara trip reports, videos, photography and art.







I started fly fishing in 2011.  My wife signed me up for a free introduction to fly fishing at our local shop (Western Rivers Fly Fisher).  That first year, I fished over 150 days.  A few months later for my birthday my wife gave me a Tenkara outfit from Tenkara USA.  Whenever I can, I  fish pocket water on small mountain streams, usually with a Tenkara rod.
BLOG - Streamside Journal
EP Caddis

The EP Caddis casts and floats very well.  And if I can't see this fly, then I should just quit fishing.

Green River Midge

Why do they like purple?  I really don't know.  They also like midges.  The Green River Midge is a collision between these two trout favorites.

Goddard Caddis

I can't tell you how much easier quality deer hair makes fly tying.   Now I enjoy tying with deer hair and that has given me a new appreciation for the classic Goddard Caddis fly.  It floats like a cork and has a great silhouette. 

Pink Lady Cripple

Even this tiny size 20 dry is buoyant enough to support a midge dropper.   It makes for a super sensitive and stealthy indicator even in fluorescent colors. 

Hot Spot Larva

Changing the size of the tungsten bead is a simple way to adjust the weight of these flies (an advantage over the killer bug)

EP BWO Cripple

The original fly is tied with CDC.  I find that EP provides just as delicate of a presentation but has the advantage that you aren't limited to high priced silicone floatant.  CDC flies, no matter how well you manage them and dry them, always, always eventually sink.  Which means I have to spend time switching out flies.

Fishing back in time...

I've been planning this trip for years.   This was a birthday trip designed to entertain a gaggle of kids and for the kid in me.

My first fascination with Dinosaur National Monument began in the 4th grade.  I chose to do a presentation on Duchesne county because at its far eastern border lay Dinosaurland.

Utah Killer Bug

This fly has accounted for a disproportionate number of fish and it's my goto searching pattern.  The wool yarn body in Shetland Spindrift Oyster is incredibly buggy. 

Eggs Over Easy

I figure if I'm gonna catch a fish on eggs it should be a cool egg.

Rainbows over Kauai - Read the story

Rainbows over Kauai -
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Size 20 Blue Wing Olives drew splashy rises

Size 20 Blue Wing Olives drew splashy rises