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Salt Lake City, Utah

Pocket Water

Fly Fishing and Tenkara trip reports, videos, photography and art.







I started fly fishing in 2011.  My wife signed me up for a free introduction to fly fishing at our local shop (Western Rivers Fly Fisher).  That first year, I fished over 150 days.  A few months later for my birthday my wife gave me a Tenkara outfit from Tenkara USA.  Whenever I can, I  fish pocket water on small mountain streams, usually with a Tenkara rod.
BLOG - Streamside Journal
Utah Cuttslam Chapter 2 - Colorado colors

  I've always assumed the the trout in one of my favorite mountain creeks were Bonneville cutthroat because I knew they were natives.  But there are native Colorado cutties in the northwestern streams of Utah. 

Utah Cuttslam chapter 1 - Yellowstone Country

The gravel road to the Raft River mountains is lonely in a wild West kind of way.  It stretches out into the horizon and seems endless.  The only other motor vehicles are tractors being driven by teenagers.  I was stuck in two traffic jams.  It was bumper to bumper as I inched my way through a herd of black angus.  Then I waited patiently until the family of ranchers with a half dozen kids mounted on horses waved me through their morning pow wow.  

The sound of freedom

What's that sound?  It's my raft inflating itself while I have a beer and set up my rod. 

7 min 42 sec

I gave in.  I threw in the towel.  When I'm solo, it takes me only 15-18 minutes to pump up my 14 ft raft with the K-400 pump.  It is a very cool tool.  But in 90-100 degree heat in the direct sun, it became less of a work out and more of a death march.

Trials and Tributaries

Father's day is the time to be up in the high Uintas.  Jac and I ventured up to the trial lake area the following week.  While there were a few tiger trout eager to hit a dry fly on the tribs, many of the fish had come through and moved on.  

Rootbeer Floats: Idaho

This float trip begins and ends with a giant frosty mug of rootbeer!  And after a long day of setting up and breaking down a fishing vessel, rowing and rowing, hauling heavy anchors out of the depths and fighting monster fish is heavy current.  A frosty mug is a perfect beverage before the long three and a half hour drive home.

Ben's Day Out

It's been a year since Ben wet a line.  A whole year!  Moving into a new home, a new kid and traveling for work,  time just got away from him.  We were hoping for an epic day on the water.

Fight Club!

I'm not great at fighting fish.  After watching Lance fight a 24 inch rainbow in a tiny creek without losing the fish.  Seeing him zig zag and pounce over boulders and logs to stay hooked up was inspiring.   I figure I need a good coach.  The best coach would probably be a steelhead or bonefish.  Since neither are natives to Utah, I have to settle for the "golden bonefish" we have locally.  

The only way to learn how to fight fish is to fight a big fish and get beat up...

Rainbows over Kauai - Read the story

Rainbows over Kauai -
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Size 20 Blue Wing Olives drew splashy rises

Size 20 Blue Wing Olives drew splashy rises