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Salt Lake City, Utah

Pocket Water

Fly Fishing and Tenkara trip reports, videos, photography and art.







I started fly fishing in 2011.  My wife signed me up for a free introduction to fly fishing at our local shop (Western Rivers Fly Fisher).  That first year, I fished over 150 days.  A few months later for my birthday my wife gave me a Tenkara outfit from Tenkara USA.  Whenever I can, I  fish pocket water on small mountain streams, usually with a Tenkara rod.
BLOG - Streamside Journal
Blue Lines:  50/50 creek

Following the thin blue lines on maps can lead to a dud or fishing nirvana.

Urban Fishing - Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah in April

There is classic pocket water fishing in Big Cottonwood Canyon just 20 minutes from the city.

In Loving Memory...

Commemorating some great fishing buddies in dog heaven.

Urban Fishing - Park City, Utah

Urban Fishing - these are the fish in your backyard that you may be overlooking.

Highlight Reel with An Dinh and Lance Linscott

Lance put together an amazing video that makes you want to fish!

An's Spring Catch
Streamside - Middle Provo March 16, 2014

Fished the Middle Provo below River Road on Sunday.

Fresh Fish Photos and Ben 10 highlight reel

Our latest catch tweaked for faster upload.

We are gonna need a bigger net!

Lance Linscott hooks into his first big rainbow of Spring.


Size matters

It is pretty obvious however the trend in fishing this day was to start big and then downsize using smaller and smaller flies. 

Rainbows over Kauai - Read the story

Rainbows over Kauai -
Read the story

Size 20 Blue Wing Olives drew splashy rises

Size 20 Blue Wing Olives drew splashy rises